In the period December 4 – December 10, PUBG Mobile restricted more than 1.4 million con artists. This is another enemy of cheat clear known as the mega888

“Boycott Pan” report where PUBG uncovers the quantity of prohibited players.

Almost 1.5 Million Cheaters Banned in Another “Boycott Pan” Sweep by PUBG

Allowed to-mess around draw in huge mega888 number of players all throughout the planet and some of them don’t

care for following the rules. This is exactly the situation of PUBG Mobile. Despite the fact that there are a great many players playing week by week,

Given that there a great many parts in PUBG Mobile,

the quantity of con artists getting prohibited week by week is in millions as well. As of late, PUBG uncovered that for the period December 4 – December 10, 1,498,044 records have been for all time suspended. Prior to this, prior in December, another bit of 1,450,234 records were for all time suspended in another enemy of swindling clear.

Auto Aim and X-Ray Vision Are the Most Popular Cheats