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As indicated by the PUBG report named as “Boycott Pan”, the most mainstream cheat that was utilized by the restricted players was the auto point. Some 26% of the duping players that were prohibited utilized such a cheat. Second in line was the X-Ray Vision cheat that permits players to see adversary units through structures or dividers. Some 24% of the players utilized such a cheat. lotto 4d

Some 17% of the restricted players utilized a cheat lotto 4d set apart as “other”, while 16% of the players utilized a speed hack. Another 10% of the prohibited players utilized a harm region alteration cheat, while 7% utilized a character change cheat.

Breakdown of the Distribution of the Banned Cheaters

Most miscreants – 29% of the prohibited were distinguished in the Bronze position, which is the least level in the game. Some 11% of the restricted players were found in the following position which is Silver. A similar sum – 11% were the miscreants found in the Gold position, while in Platinum, this rate expanded to 13%.

Con artists that were found and restricted with a Diamond rank were 14% of the aggregate. In the following level which is Crown, 12% of the con artists were found.

There were miscreants found and restricted even in the most noteworthy levels – Ace and Conqueror. Some 2% of the prohibited players were the most elevated level – Conqueror, while 8% were found and restricted with an Ace position.